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Like fishing out West... 100 years ago.

Patagonia, Chile

Magic Waters Patagonia Lodge

Located in the heart of Chilean Patagonia. Just out side of the town of Choyaquie you will find one of the top fishing lodges in the world. Named Orvis International Lodge of the Year, Magic Waters Patagonia host clients from all around the world.

The Aysen region where Magic Waters is located is renown for its dry fly fishing. Casting big beetles and hoppers is the name of the game. Better be ready for the wind though!

The location of the lodge puts you within reach of diverse waters. From small spring creeks, to big river, to lakes that hold true trophy fish. You can see it all, or simply tell Eduardo what you prefer and he will make it happen!

The lodge owner, Eduardo Barrueto, is a marvelous host who makes you feel like family from day one. The beautiful lodge is supported by some of the best chefs in the region. Patagonia is known for its meat and wine, and you will experience the best of both all week at Magic Waters Patagonia .


On the Bucket List

Join us for another "trip of a lifetime". Planning for big trips can be intimidating to say the least. Luckily BKO is here for you.

Magic Waters Patagonia offers a 5 star experience. The beauty of the lodge and friendliness of the staff and guides will compete in your memory against the world class fishing you are sure to experience.

Check out their websites:

"Ben is a very patient and relaxed guy.."

"...that makes him a great teacher for beginners and also for more experienced anglers that want to learn a little more about fly fishing techniques."

Eduardo B.


Wined & Dinned

After working for several years at Magic Waters Patagonia as an international fishing guide, Ben no longer spends entire seasons down South. He does however remains close with Eduardo and works with clients who are interested in this trip of a lifetime.

With first hand experience, BKO is able to assist clients in connecting with Magic Waters Patagonia and offers full support in preparing for your trip. From questions about ideal flights to dietary needs during your stay, and of course what gear to bring (and what to leave home!).

Connect with us if you are interested in more details, or just want to know more about the fishing in Patagonia!

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