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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Fishing License do I need?

What Fishing License do I need?


Every angler on our trips is required by law to have a fishing license. Typically, a simple angling license for the day(s) you will be fishing is all that is required. However, steelhead fishing does require an additional permit. It is best to obtain licenses ahead of time online or at a fly shop.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Idaho Department of Fish and Game

International - Licenses will be done for you at the start of the trip.

Where do we meet?

Where do we meet?


The simple answer is "wherever is most convenient". We will discuss meeting locations and times with you at the time of booking. Typically we determine a meeting location that is close to where we will be putting in to start our trip. 

If you would like to voluntarily ride* to and from the river with us, you are welcome to. Our rig will be shuttled during the day (leading to more fishing time for us!), and we can get you back to your vehicle at the end of the trip.

*Note: this is not an included service with your trip. It is your voluntary agreement to ride with us.

Are there any additional permits or costs?

Are there any additional permits or costs?


We try to keep things as simple and straight forward as possible. The cost of the trip is the cost of the trip. We wont make you buy lunch or charge you at the end of the day for flies used. No nickel and diming around here! 

What is NOT included in the price of our trips:

  • Personal fishing license (done through the state).

    • Typically around $21/day.​

  • Lower Deschutes Boaters Pass (BLM, about $8/day) and Tribal Permit (Warm Springs Tribe, about $13/day)

    • BKO will obtain permits for you, however it is required to be in your name.​

  • Gratuity for the guide.

    • Guiding is a service industry. We recommend a 20% gratuity if you enjoyed your trip. If you felt like we worked especially hard for you, adjust as you see fit.​

What equipment do you provide?

What equipment do you provide?


We are happy to provide all the fishing tackle you need for the day at no additional cost. From rods and reels to tippet and flies. We recommend waders and boots if you will not be fishing from the boat 100% of the time. Most folks have their own, but if you do not, we can help you rent a pair from a local fly shop.


Check out our equipment lists for personal gear recommendations:

Feel free to contact us with any questions as you are preparing for your trip.

Oregon Float Trip
River of No Return
Multiday Camp Trip

What if we have a big group?

What if we have a big group?


Corporate retreat? Family reunion? Just really popular and have lots of friends? We have you covered!

The Kittell Brothers work closely with other outfitters and guides in the area and can accommodate large groups. We understand organizing trips for large groups can be a hassle, but we are hear to help. Contact us to start a conversation about how we can help to organize your groups day(s) on the water. 


Is BKO licenses and insured?

Is BKO licenses and insured?


Great question and thank you for asking. Permitting and licensing helps to keep high standards in the guiding industry.

Brothers K Outfitters LLC is licensed and insured to provide guided trips. We carry outfitter insurance, and are licensed to guide through the states of Oregon and Idaho.

On rivers that require special use permits, the Kittell Brothers work as employees or contractors under registered permit holders.

Didn't find the answer to your question? No worries, we are happy to answer any questions you have. Simply connect with us and we will get back with you ASAP.

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