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Crystal clear water, old growth forest and hungry trout!

Starting at $450

Drift Boat Fishing on Oregon's

McKenzie River

The Most Iconic Northwest River

The McKenzie River is where it all began. Starting high up in the Three Sisters Wilderness, this spring feed river quickly descends out of the Cascades where it will eventually end up flowing into the Willamette River just outside of Eugene, OR. This valley is steeped in history and tradition. 

The iconic drift boats seen throughout the Northwest and beyond were developed right here on the McKenzie River. These Cadillac of river boats are designed to handle rough whitewater while providing a safe, dry and stable fishing platform. We take full advantage of everything these boats have to offer in our popular day floats. 

This is a river that people come back to year after year. The spectacular scenery of old and new growth forest is everything people dream about when imagining the Northwest. Thrilling rapids, beautiful pools and crystal clear water are everything short of magic. Oh, and let us not forget, some of the best fishing the West has to offer...​


Our long McKenzie season allows us to focus on this river from May through November. Each month providing its own unique benefits. Green drakes, golden stones, summer sunshine, caddis of all sizes and shapes, spawning salmon and epic blue wing olive hatches have us looking forward to every month on the McKenzie River. ​​



A River Experience for ALL

Tumbling out of the Cascades, the McKenzie River provides us with diverse opportunities. From the steep fast moving rapids and native fish of the "Wild Trout Waters" section, to the long pools and riffles stacked with fish on the lower river. 

The Wild Trout Waters is a true Northwest experience. But be ready for some fast casting as we navigate through nonstop whitewater.

The Middle sections of the McKenzie are great options for anglers looking for a fish filled day. A mix of wild and hatchery fish make for a very active day that is rewarding for newer anglers and people wanting to maximize their fish count!

"All five first timers caught fish,

and had a great day"

 "I believe my two grandsons as well as my daughter and son in law are hooked!"

Trig B.

Sign me up...

Our prime McKenzie season (June-November) can fill up fast. Give us a call or send us a message if you want to check availability. 



Full day (6-8hr.) for 1 or 2 anglers - $550

Half day (up to 4hr.) for 1 or 2 anglers - $450

We will work with you at the time of booking to make sure every detail is taken care of!

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