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Brothers with a shared passion for rivers & fish

Raised in Colorado, the Kittell brothers parted ways after graduating from Colorado State University three years apart. Though they now live in different states, brothers Ben and Jon continue to share experiences and passions. 

It took almost a decade before the Kittell brothers once again found themselves working together. Now they team up for parts of their busy seasons in Oregon and Idaho. The charisma that is shared between brothers is one of a kind... and awfully contagious!


Northwest's finest

Ben and Jon are fortunate to work on some of the most prestigious rivers in Oregon and Idaho. They have spent a lifetime getting to know these places, and look forward to sharing these special places.

Meet the Brothers of

Brothers K Outfitters


Ben Kittell

Guiding has been Ben’s passion and career since he was 18 years old. The small streams of Colorado, where he was raised, have turned Ben into an accomplished oarsman, and an avid trout bum. Through his guiding career, Ben has had the opportunity to learn from and work for similarly passionate guides, fly shops, outfitters, lodges and equipment companies. Including guiding the winter months in Chilean Patagonia for an Orvis endorsed lodge of the year winner, Magic Waters Patagonia; as well as being a Pro Staff team member for R.L. Winston Rods and Baure Reels. Ben looks forward to sharing his appreciation of fish, rivers, and canyons with you!


Jon Kittell

After graduating from Colorado State University, Jon moved up to Idaho to work multi day trips on big volume rivers. Each season begins by traveling to Oregon to work on the Lower Deschutes for a month before he returns to Idaho for another fun filled Middle Fork summer of guiding. In the fall, Jon enjoys fishing for steelhead in his hometown of Riggins, Idaho. During the winter months he operates an international travel company, Inbody Expeditions, leading treks and trips to Peru and Nepal.

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